Vol. 26, issue 01, article # 13

Rybka D. V., Andronikov I. V., Evtushenko G. S., Kozyrev A. V., Kozhevnikov V. Yu., Kostyrya I. D., Tarasenko V. F., Trigub M. V., Shut'ko Yu. V. Corona discharge in air at atmospheric pressure under modulated voltage pulse with a duration of 10 ms. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2013. V. 26. No. 01. P. 85-90 [in Russian].
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In atmospheric pressure air formation and decay of diffuse "channels" of corona discharge, as well as optical and X-ray radiation were investigated. Modulate pulses ( 290 kHz) of high voltage ( 250 kV) with duration of 10 ms was used. A soft X-ray radiation was obtained from corona discharge. In the area of diffuse "channel" and at a distance from the plasma channel the bright glowing points was registred. It was determined that on diffuse "channels" bends appear, the length of which is increased by the end of the pulse voltage.


discharge in atmospheric pressured air, formation and degradation of corona discharge, X-ray and optical radiation