Vol. 26, issue 01, article # 4

Аntokhin P. N., Arshinov M. Yu., Arshinova V. G., Belan B. D., Davydov D. K., Rasskazchikova T. M., Fofonov A. V., Inoue Gen., Machida Toshinobu., Shimoyama Ko., Maksutov Shamil. Shamil. СО2 concentration variation above the West Siberia area in different seasons during passes of atmospheric fronts. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2013. V. 26. No. 01. P. 24-31 [in Russian].
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By data of a network of posts for greenhouse gases monitoring at West Siberia area the distribution of carbon dioxide is analyzed at the passage of frontal sections. To except the influence of meteorological parameters, all initial data were pre-reduced to standard conditions. It was found that in the cold season the CO2 concentration increases in the cold front rear and decreases behind the line of the warm front. In the warm season, due to augmentation of the plant vegetation, which in this period is both the source and drain of the carbonic gas, its distribution becomes opposite to the observable in the cold period. In transition periods, both summer and winter variants of CO2 distribution in zones of fronts are possible, which depends on the prehistory of the air mass, coming to the region.


atmosphere, air, distribution, carbonic gas, front