Vol. 26, issue 01, article # 7

Rokotyan N. V., Zakharov V. I., Gribanov K. G., Jouzel J., Warneke T., Notholt J. The possibility of atmospheric remote sensing of carbon gases isotopologues using ground-based high-resolution FTIRs. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2013. V. 26. No. 01. P. 46-51 [in Russian].
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Relative concentration of 13CH4, 12CH4 and 13CO2, 12CO2 in the atmosphere contains information about carbon dioxide and methane emission sources. High resolution of modern ground-based IR Fourier spectrometers allows one to resolve absorption lines of different isotopologues of the trace gases in atmospheric transmittance spectra. The modeling of synthetic atmospheric transmittance spectra within 2200-11000 cm-1 spectral region has been done and good signals of 13CH4 and 13CO2 were found. Several atmospheric transmittance spectra measured with ground-based FTIR at the Ural Atmospheric Station in Kourovka and at the Institute of Environmental Physics of Bremen University during 2010-2011 have been selected and processed. This paper presents a method and first results on the remote sensing of 13CH4/12CH413CCH4) and 13CO2/12CO213CO2) in the atmoshpere.


carbon gases isotopologues, atmospheric remote sensing, FTIR spectrometry, greenhouse gases