Vol. 26, issue 04, article # 1

Belov V. V., Tarasenkov M. V., Abramochkin V. N., Ivanov V. V., Fedosov A. V., Troitskii V. O., Shiyanov D. V. Atmospheric bistatic communication channels with scattering. Part 1. Methods of investigation. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2013. V. 26. No. 04. P. 261-267 [in Russian].
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Methods of theoretical and experimental investigation of bistatic optical communication schemes are discussed in the present article. A laboratory model of optoelectronic communication system has been developed for experimental investigation. As a source of signals, radiation of copper vapor laser at a wavelength of 510 nm is used. Test demonstration experiments have been carried out in the outdoor atmosphere through atmospheric channels with a reflecting surface and dense nonstationary aerosol-molecular formation. To perform theoretical investigations, software has been developed intended for numerical statistical estimation of the energy and transfer characteristics of the bistatic atmospheric communication channels by the Monte Carlo method.


optical communication, Monte Carlo method, impulse transfer characteristic, bistatic schemes