Vol. 26, issue 05, article # 4

Banakh V. A., Falits A. V. Numerical simulation of combined beams propagation in the turbulent atmosphere in conditions of the thermal blooming. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2013. V. 26. No. 05. P. 371-380 [in Russian].
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The simulation algorithms of propagation of the coherent and incoherent combined beams in a turbulent atmosphere under conditions of thermal blooming are presented. The properties of focused combined beams in comparison with the equivalent Gaussian beam are studied. It is shown that there is a complex diffraction pattern of the coherent combined beams fields. Nevertheless, the maximal intensity in the beam crossection is almost the same both for coherent and incoherent combined beams, as well as for Gaussian beam if the nonlinearity parameter exceeds unity. In the conditions of strong optical turbulence and strong thermal blooming the integral characteristics of the combined beams are close to those of a Gaussian beam, which has an effective size commensurable with the size of combined beams. Turbulent fluctuations of the intensity of incoherent combined beams are less than those of coherent combined beams.


simulation, thermal blooming, combinied beam