Vol. 26, issue 05, article # 7

Zhuravlev R. V., Ganshin A. V., Maksyutov Sh. Sh., Oshchepkov S. L., Khattatov B. V. Estimation of global fluxes of CO2 for 2009-2010 using ground-station and space-borne (GOSAT) observation data with empirical orthogonal functions. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2013. V. 26. No. 05. P. 388-397 [in Russian].
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Inverse problem of atmospheric transport has been applied to estimate surface fluxes of CO2 for 2009-2010 using station and space-borne (GOSAT) observation data. Flux adjustments for each kind of sources are represented as a linear combination of main flux components according to surface gas exchange. For atmospheric transport simulation we used coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian model (GELCA model). Due to a huge amount of observation data per month (3000-5000) we used Fix-Lag Kalman Smoother for solving inverse problem that allows us to estimate monthly fluxes successively according to the chosen assimilation window. Results were presented as 2D fields of monthly surface fluxes for each kind of sources. Our calculations show the significant uncertainty reduction of fluxes in case of including GOSAT observations.


greenhouse gases, atmosphere, modeling of admixtures transport, inverse problems