Vol. 26, issue 11, article # 3

Banakh V. A., Sukharev A. A., Falits A. V. Diffraction of the optical beam on a shock wave in the vicinity of a supersonic aircraft. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2013. V. 26. No. 11. P. 932–941 [in Russian].
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Results of calculation of the mean intensity and deviation from the rectilinear direction of propagation of the optical beam crossing a shock wave at the beginning of a path in a homogeneous medium are present. It is shown that the spatial inhomogeneity of the refractive index of air in the area occupied by a shock wave in the vicinity of a conical body moving with the supersonic speeds can cause focusing effect on a beam intersecting shock wave. Magnitude of angular displacements of a beam, crossing shock wave, depends only on the height above the Earth's surface at which the shock wave is formed. The impact of shock wave on a beam crossing it decreases with the height increase.


diffraction, a shock wave, mean intensity, angular deviation, focusing of optical radiation


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