Vol. 29, issue 09, article # 11

Bogoslovsky N. N., Kizhner L. I., Borodina I. A., Rudikov D. S., Erin S. I., Alipova K. A. Quality control of satellite soil moisture measurements. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2016. V. 29. No. 09. P. 791–796. DOI: 10.15372/AOO20160911 [in Russian].
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Soil moisture determines water and thermal regimes of the soil and the surface boundary layer of the atmosphere. It is an important factor in hydrology, ecology, climatology, meteorology, and agriculture. Nowadays, soil moisture is mostly measured with satellite remote sensing systems.
The data measured by a satellite during the warm period of 2011–2012 years has been compared with data direct measured at 5 networks of weather stations in the USA. The aim of this study is evaluation of the soil moisture satellite data, finding regularities, anomalies and their causes, and development of satellite data quality control procedure for data assimilation system. Satisfactory agreement between two kinds of data observed has been shown. Areas with good and poor dependence were identified. These results can be used in other regions with similar underlying surfaces and orography. Criteria for satellite data quality control procedures are proposed.


soil moisture, the satellite observation, the observation network on soil moisture, atmospheric numerical forecasting model


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