Vol. 29, issue 09, article # 9

Katkovsky L. V. Parameterization of outgoing radiation for quick atmospheric correction of hyperspectral images. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2016. V. 29. No. 09. P. 778–784. DOI: 10.15372/AOO20160909 [in Russian].
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An analytical approximation of outgoing radiation spectra at the top of the cloudless atmosphere in the visible and near infrared spectral regions and a method for atmospheric correction, which is based on the former, are suggested. The parameterization of the contributions of individual radiation components and a quite simple optical model of the atmosphere are used for derivation of analytical formulas. The optical model of the atmosphere includes several (5–7) parameters that are essential in terms of the effect on the radiation transfer. There is no need in a priori information about atmosphere or Earth’s surface parameters in this method. In order to determine unknown parameters of the model by solving an inverse problem with an analytical objective function, only the data to be corrected (images) with the number of spectral channels no less than the number of unknown parameters are used. The method developed is primarily intended for the correction of hyperspectral or multispectral images, which are made along with measurements of the spectra of individual spatial zones in the images (a spectrometer which operates simultaneously with the imaging system). The approximation suggested is highly accurate, which was checked in numerous calculations of outgoing radiation spectra with the use of software for the solution of the direct problem of radiation transfer.


remote sensing, hyperspectral images, spectrum of outgoing radiation, parameterization, optical model of atmosphere, atmospheric correction


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