Vol. 34, issue 05, article # 8

Sivtseva V. I., Ammosov P. P., Gavrileva G. A., Koltovskoi I. I. Atmospheric temperature from AURA (MLS) satellite and OH (3-1) measurements in Maimaga. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2021. V. 34. No. 05. P. 364–368. DOI: 10.15372/AOO20210508 [in Russian].
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This paper presents a study of the temperature of the mesopause region (~ 87 km) by measuring the emission of OH (3-1) at high latitude station Maimaga (63.04° N, 129.51° E) and comparing the results with the temperature data Aura (MLS) at 0.002 hPa during 2013–2018. The average rotational temperature of OH (3-1) was compared with Aura (MLS) measured temperatures (T) and the background temperatures (Tbg) calculated from them. The obtained result indicates in favor of more correct comparison of the temperature OH (3-1) and temperature Tbg calculated from Aura (MLS) data. Comparison of the data mutually confirms the observation of elevated temperatures in the mesopause in the winter period 2014–2015. In the winter periods of 2013–2015, the seasonal course of the temperature OH (3-1) is ~ 10 K higher than the seasonal course of the temperature Tbg. During the winter periods of 2015–2018, although the temperature variations are close in value, the seasonal course of the temperature OH (3-1) continues to exceed the values of the seasonal course of temperature Tbg. In general, the temperature variations measured by two different methods are qualitatively consistent and reflect the nature of seasonal changes. Temperature differences can be explained by many factors, such as differences in measurement heights and methods.


mesopause region, rotational temperature, hydroxyl, Aura satellite


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