Vol. 6, issue 05, article # 9

pdf Lagutin M. F., Zarudnyi A. A., Verkhorobin A. L., Torzhkov V. P. Results of experimental studies of the dynamics of sodium layer parameters. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1993. V. 6. No. 05. P. 553-558.
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Regular sodium layer observations in Tuapse were performed to investigate the layer parameter dynamics. A transmitting system of a resonance lidar included a tunable lamp—pumped laser (589 nm, 8 pm, and 0.5 J). The spatial resolution of the system was 1 km. There were 32 nights of measurements during a year and about 5—6 measurement sessions (30—50 min) at each night. The average layer altitude was 94 km and its rms thickness was 3.7—6.0 km. Significant increase of sodium concentration was observed in August and was explained by the influx of particulate matter from meteor shower.