Vol. 7, issue 02, article # 3

pdf Kabanov M. V. Climatic-ecological monitoring of Siberia (CEMS): program of physical investigations on local, regional, and global changes in the atmosphere. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1994. V. 7. No. 02. P. 78-85.
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The paper deals with methodological bases, purposes and problem orientation of the program of physical studies of the Siberian air basin. Much importance is attached to the Siberian region from the viewpoint of global changes of the environment as well as the necessity of complex monitoring of long–term climatic–ecological changes for stable development of Siberia. The program includes the main atmospheric–physical objects of monitoring such as meteorological state and dynamics of the atmosphere, atmospheric gases and aerosol, optical and radiowave radiation fluxes, atmospheric electricity and radioactivity, physical state of the upper atmosphere and underlying surface, astrophysical and geophysical factors, medical–biological consequences of climatic–ecological changes. Realization of the program is based on construction of a regional network of climatic–ecological monitoring, regional geoinformation system, regional center of metrology, and certification of ecological–meteorological technical means.