Vol. 7, issue 03, article # 7

pdf Sushilov N. V., Kholodkevich E. D. Oscillations of the mean level population difference and absorption of a probe field in a two-level medium in a strong field with periodic amplitude modulation. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1994. V. 7. No. 03. P. 174-177.
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In this paper we present analytical solutions of the Bloch equations for a two–level medium excited by a strong resonant field with periodic amplitude modulation obtained by the technique of matrix exponent that obviates the need for operation on continued fractions. Using this approach we calculated the coefficients of absorption of a probe field in two particular cases of bichromatic and trichromatic pumping. It is shown that in contrast to trichromatic pumping the spectrum of the coefficient of absorption of the probe field for bichromatic pumping has no Rabi resonances while exhibits resonances at frequencies multiple of the intermode spacing of the pump field. Conditions for initiation and frequency regions of negative absorption (amplification) of the probe field are determined in this paper for both types of pumping.