Vol. 7, issue 05, article # 4

pdf Katkov V. Yu., Furashov N. I. Investigation of pure water vapor absorption properties in the long-wave submillimeter transmission windows. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1994. V. 7. No. 05. P. 317-320.
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The measurements of absorption of pure water vapor in dependence on pressure and temperature were carried out at the frequencies of 297, 343, 412, and 460 GHz corresponding to atmospheric transmission windows. In accordance with the theory of H2O spectral line broadening the measured absorption is proportional to squared pressure with the value being essentially (up to 7 times) greater than that calculated with form factor according to kinetic equation. The temperature dependence of absorption is far stronger than calculated one and, in contrast to the latter, the former can be described by sum of two power functions with markedly different temperature exponents. The effects were discovered, which enable us to assume that real pure water vapor spectral line shape differs from Loretzian one in the region of near line wings.