Vol. 7, issue 07, article # 4

pdf Panchenko M. V., Tumakov A. G. Investigation of thermo- and hygrooptical characteristics of atmospheric aerosol above the Atlantic Ocean. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1994. V. 7. No. 07. P. 471-475.
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The results of investigation of aerosol in the atmospheric layer adjacent to water above the Atlantic Ocean are presented. The measurements were made using a photocounter of particles and a nephelometer equipped with thermo- and hygroactuators of aerosol. The influence of the continent on formation of optical and microphysical properties of aerosol above the ocean is analyzed. A variation in proportion of submicron and medium-sized particles is shown to be followed with a law by a change of thermooptical parameters of aerosol. A good reproducibility of these parameters for marine aerosol is noted.