Vol. 7, issue 08, article # 16

pdf Vorontsov S. S., Orishich A. M., Petrov A. P., Snytnikov V. N. Optical sounding of exhaust products from a solid fuel model engine. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1994. V. 7. No. 08. P. 606-608.
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Laser sounding of the exhaust gas flow from a solid fuel model engine near its nozzle exit at three wavelengths (630, 3390 and 10 600 nm) has been performed. Estimation of size, number density, total mass and surface area of aerosol particles per unit volume has been carried out. Presence of ecologically dangerous CO and HCl molecules in the jet far away from the nozzle exit has been determined with an optical-mechanical scanning IR system at the wavelengths of 4800 and 3500 nm for CO and HCl molecules, respectively. The results obtained demonstrate new field of application for the optical research methods and suggest new features for design of gas and plasma flow control systems.