Vol. 7, issue 10, article # 2

pdf Pkhalagov Yu. A., Uzhegov V. N., Shchelkanov N. N. Aerosol extinction of optical radiation in the atmosphere of arid zone. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1994. V. 7. No. 10. P. 714-720.
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We discuss the results of measurements of spectral aerosol extinction coefficients a(l) in the wavelength range from 0.44 to 11.5 mm. These measurements were performed in hazes of arid zone of Kazakhstan in the period 1984-1988. Statistical characteristics of a(l) and meteorological parameters of the atmosphere are presented for three seasons (spring, summer, and fall). Seasonal variability of the a(l) spectra is revealed and physical interpretation of this phenomenon is given.