Vol. 9, issue 08, article # 6

pdf Kozintsev V. I. Laser photo-acoustic gas analyzer for monitoring composition of multicomponent gas mixtures. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1996. V. 9. No. 08. P. 689-691.
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We present here some results of reconstruction of concentrations of gaseous constituents in a six-component mixture of ammonia, ethylene, methanol, isopropanol, carbon dioxide, and ethanol. It is shown that the use of regularization procedures for data processing allows significant improvement in the accuracy of reconstruction of gas concentrations in a gas mixture of six and more components. As a radiation source, we used a tunable CO2 laser that generates 65–70 lines in the 9–11 μm spectral range with the output power of 1–3 W. Data processing used the modified method of regularization parameter selection based on the principle of discrepancy.