Vol. 9, issue 08, article # 7

pdf Starikov V. I. Revised analysis of experimental data on the second triad of the H2O molecule resonance states. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1996. V. 9. No. 08. P. 692-700.
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We present here some results of revised analysis of the experimental data on the second triad (1, 1, 0), (0, 3, 0), and (0, 1, 1) of interacting vibrational states of the H2O molecule. To do this, we used new models of centrifugal distortion Hamiltonian of a molecule. It enabled one to increase the number of the fitted energy levels and to improve the quality of the fitting. The following values of the standard deviation σ were obtained for the experimental energy levels: at J ≤ 10, σ = 3.6•10–3 cm–1, at J ≤ 15, σ = 6.2•10–3 cm–1, and at J ≤ 20, σ = 9.5•10–3 cm–1.