Vol. 9, issue 09, article # 12

pdf Zvyagintsev A. M., Kruchenitskii G. M. On variability of the surface ozone concentration in Moscow environs and its relationships with the meteorological parameters. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1996. V. 9. No. 09. P. 809-811.
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Results of five-year regular measurements of the daytime surface ozone concentration (SOC), started in 1991, are presented. In the first approximation, the normal annual behavior of the SOC is well described by the first harmonic of its annual oscillation. The residues (the differences between the true behavior and the model one) of the SOC are described by regression on residues of temporal series of the meteorological parameters, among which the temperature and the relative humidity at noon are most important. The second residues are described by autoregression of the third order. The total efficiency of the model approximation is about 0.8, with the efficiency of expansion in two key meteorological parameters being about 0.30 and the autoregression efficiency being about 0.36. These data agree well with the results obtained at the European Ozone Network.