Vol. 9, issue 09, article # 13

pdf Gordov E. P., Rodimova O. B., Tvorogov S. D., Fazliev A. Z. Qualitative analysis of the evolution and stability of oxygen atmosphere and climate within the framework of low-order models. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1996. V. 9. No. 09. P. 812-821.
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Some results are presented of qualitative analysis of the ozone cycle behavior within the framework of the model of an oxygen atmosphere and those of the vertical distribution of global temperature within the framework of low-order models oriented to radiation balance considerations. These results indicate that qualitative analysis of climate models themselves or their constituent blocks allows one to reveal the general features in the behavior of the stationary states of a system. A detailed numerical analysis for the parameter values at which the qualitative analysis has already revealed the possible nontrivial behavior of the system should become more efficient tool for analysis of the complex atmospheric-optics systems than direct numerical simulation.