Vol. 9, issue 12, article # 17

pdf Merzlyakov M. A. Highly sensitive Ir-spectrometer/gas analyzer IKS-GAZ. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1996. V. 9. No. 12. P. 1057-1060.
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Based on general equations of hydrodynamics we describe the processes in a photoacoustic cell. The results of modeling a 1-D photoacoustic cell in computer simulations well agree with the experiment. Based on this effect we have developed a highly sensitive IR spectrometer/gasanalyzer "IKS-GAS" having the threshold sensitivity at the level of 3 by 10–10 cm–1 in the operation mode of a continuous flow of a sample under study. In the case of strongly absorbing gases (in the region 9.2 to 10.8 mm) that corresponds to their concentration of 10–10 percent by volume.