Vol. 15, issue 01, article # 8

pdf Andreev Yu. M., Geiko P. P. Nonlinear optical frequency converters as an elemental base for IR lidars. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2002. V. 15. No. 01. P. 53-60.
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Results are presented of investigation and comparative analysis of parameters and characteristics of middle IR parametric frequency converters based on known crystals, LiInS2 andHgGa2S4 crystals of limited occurrence, doped GaSe:In, and new mixed nonlinear AgGa(1-x)InxSe2, AgGaGeS4, Hg(1-x)CdxGa2S4 crystals. Mobile lidar gas analyzers, supplied with the designed middle IR parametric frequency converters, are described. The results of monitoring of gas pollution in real atmosphere both under field conditions and industrial centers are presented as well.