Vol. 15, issue 03, article # 15

pdf Fedenev A. V., Lipatov E. I., Panchenko A. N., Orlovskii V. M., Zimakov V. P., Koval N. N., Goncharenko I. M. tudy of UV and IR laser radiation interaction with metals and dielectrics. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2002. V. 15. No. 03. P. 258-262.
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A complex of laser setups was created for investigation of the laser radiation interaction with metal and dielectric surfaces based on the accelerators and high-power pulsed voltage generators developed at the Institute of High-Current Electronics. The complex consists of laser systems operating in the UV and IR ranges (pulse duration is 10 ns to 100 ms, pulse power is up to 2 kJ, average laser radiation power is up to 1 kW), a chamber for samples location (pressure range is from 10-5 Torr to 10 atm), as well as spectroscopic and measuring equipment. The paper presents the experimental results on investigation of the laser plasma formation and propagation in vacuum and gases, laser breakdown in the high pressure SF6 gas, as well as irradiation of a diamond by UV laser radiation and interaction of IR laser radiation with a steel surface.