Vol. 15, issue 03, article # 6

pdf Samsonova L. G., Kopylova T. N., Narozhnaya L. G., Resnichenko A. V., Chekmacheva O. I., Bachinkov K. V. Phenalenone derivatives as active media for dye lasers. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2002. V. 15. No. 03. P. 223-225.
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Spectral-luminescence and lasing properties of hydroxy- and amino-substituted phenalenones radiating in the yellow and red spectral regions are investigated under XeCl-laser excitation (308 nm, t = 15 ns, W ~ 20 - 25 MW/cm2). It is shown that hydroxy-substituted molecules lase in both neutral and anion forms. Inclusion of electron donor (NHsub>2) and electron acceptor (CF3) chromophores in opposite parts of the phenalenone molecule (Ph512) results in the increase of the laser efficiency (up to 27%) and photostability.