Vol. 15, issue 11, article # 8

pdf Mikhalev A. V., Medvedeva I. V. Seasonal behavior of emission at 558-nm atomic oxygen line in the upper atmosphere. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2002. V. 15. No. 11. P. 902-906.
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Observations of airglow in the upper atmosphere are used to study the seasonal behavior of emission from the upper atmosphere at the 558-nm line of atomic oxygen [OI] in Eastern Siberia (52°N, 103°E). It is noted that seasonal variations of 558-nm emission agree qualitatively with the data obtained in previous decades at other midlatitude stations and with model approximations. Some features peculiar for Eastern Siberia, namely, more pronounced autumn peak and high winter (December-January) values are considered. Analysis of factors forming the seasonal behavior of the 558-nm emission and comparison with the wind dynamics in the upper mesosphere-lower thermosphere, as well as stratospheric warming events in Eastern Siberia suggest the existence of regional (longitudinal) peculiarities in the seasonal behavior of the 558-nm emission.