Vol. 22, issue 05, article # 10

Eliseev A. A., Rumyantsev D. V., Frolkis V. A. To verification of possible direct measurement of radiative flux in the atmosphere. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2009. V. 22. No. 05. P. 476-481 [in Russian].
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The numerical experiments carried out by means of line-by-line calculations for verification of direct measurement radiative flux divergence capability in the atmosphere. These calculations are imitations RFD measurements by means of ideal and real devices. The real device error evaluates relative to ideal one. The longwave RFD is calculates for different size beamreceivers. The water vapour and carbon dioxide concentrations, as well as incoming radiation spectral distribution have been typical for atmosphere surface layer. Some hypothetic situations are considered, what permits to imitate wide diapason of surface layer conditions and to evaluate proper measurement errors. The HITRAN database was used in line-by-line calculations. The relation between error, result from unlinearity, beamreceiver size and measurements conditions are shown. This relation is significant especially under conditions, where are large temperature gradients near measurement point. The error does not exceed 10-20% under normal conditions in the surface layer, if beamreceiver size does not exceed 2 cm. The calculations confirm the capability OA devices to measure directly RFD in atmosphere.


line-by-line calculation of the absorbed radiation; thermal radiative flux; opto-acoustic receiver (spectrophone); radiative balance of air volume; green-house gases