Vol. 22, issue 07, article # 8

Veretennikov V. V., Abramochkin A. I. Determination of optical and microstructural characteristics of droplet clouds by laser sensing taking into account the multiple scattering. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2009. V. 22. No. 07. P. 671-680 [in Russian].
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The inverse problem of restoring the extinction coefficient and cloud particle size profiles from lidar returns measured at different field-of-view (FOV) angles of the receiver is considered. The special mathematical expression of the lidar equation is suggested, taking into account the multiple scattering in the limit of the small-angle approximation of the radiative transfer theory. The diffraction component of the multiply scattered return is selected, which depends explicitly on the effective particle size when the FOV angle is a large one. Restoration of sought characteristics is carried out using the developed iterative algorithm for the system of two or more lidar equations. The results of algorithm testing are presented when operating with in-situ experimental data for the stratocumulus clouds. The reconstructed values of the extinction coefficient and particle size in the cloud are in a good agreement with the known published data.


laser sensing; multiple scattering, clouds; inverse problems