Vol. 22, issue 10, article # 12

Andrienko O. S., Gubarev F. A., Dimaki V. A., Ivanov A. I., Levitsky M. E., Sukhanov V. B., Troitskii V. O., Fedorov V. F., Filonov A. G., Shiyanov D. V. New generation of CuBr lasers. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2009. V. 22. No. 10. P. 999–1009 [in Russian].
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A new type of metal vapor lasers (MVL) is suggested, i.e., sealed metal halide vapor lasers with an active heat insulator (AHI), which is an independent heating element, providing for the temperature of the external working volume wall to be maintained at a required level at any excitation energy input into a discharge. The presence of the AHI allows us to consider the suggested lasers as an alternative to common self-heating MVLs. The block-diagram of the CuBr AHI laser illustrates the principal distinctive features of the design. Function advantages of lasers appeared due to the use of the AHI are discussed: the increasing heat input efficiency and the workability in train and waiting modes. The main application results are broadboard CuBr AHI lasers. An important advantage of AHI is the possibility of laser generation at a pumping power, which is lower in comparison with the self-heating design. As a result, we succeeded to obtain for the first time the generation at self-restricted transitions in metal vapors while exciting the capacitive discharge, to work out an original design of a sealed CuBr AHI laser with an internal metal halide reactor, and to obtain a significant power level, using a transistor power supply. The use of the CuBr AHI laser in precision metalworking is described. We consider this direction as the most promising in our innovative activity.


CuBr laser