Vol. 32, issue 03, article # 2

Sinitsa L. N., Shcherbakov A. P., Bykov A. D. Automatic analysis of Fourier transform spectra using algorithms for image recognition. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2019. V. 32. No. 03. P. 178–185. DOI: 10.15372/AOO20190302 [in Russian].
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The WxSpe software package is presented, which automatically analyzes and reconstructs the parameters of spectral lines based on the multispectral approach. The software package developed uses the methods of the theory of pattern recognition and is a taught. The package allows one to automatically process large amounts of information, find lines in the spectra solve the inverse problem – determine the intensity, centers, and coefficients of broadening and shift of spectral lines or groups of overlapping lines. In the package, calculations with various model shape of the contour are performed. The numerical analysis of a typical situation is carried out, when the width of the apparatus function of the spectrometer turns out to be comparable or even larger than the line width. As a practically important example, measurements and analysis of the absorption spectra of pure water vapor and a mixture with nitrogen in the spectral range of about 0.59 mm are made; the comparison with the results of previous measurements and calculations is presented.


Fourier transform spectroscopy, water vapor absorption spectra, line position, line strength, molecule Н216О, broadening, shift


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