Vol. 5, issue 04, article # 4

pdf Kapitanov V. A., Kataev M. Yu., Mitsel' A. A., Tikhomirov B. A., Firsov K. M. Modeling of opto-acoustic gas analyzer with a heat source for measuring multicomponent gas mixtures. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1992. V. 5. No. 04. P. 243-248.
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A numerical simulation of the potentialities of an optoacoustic gas analyzer with a thermal light source to detect CO, NO2 and NO in a dried mixture of N2, CO2, CH4 and H2O has been carried out. Some problems of optimizing the parameters of a light source system are considered. Also modelling of the absorption coefficients of gases in the opto-acoustic cell is discussed and minimum detectable concentrations are analyzed. It is shown that NO2 quantity of 2 mg/m3 can be detected with the power of light about 1 mW, while the detection of the same quantities of NO and CO will require 10 mW light power.