Vol. 7, issue 05, article # 13

pdf Dobotkin A. A., Isakov A. V., Il'in A. B., Petrenko A. G., Reino V. V., Tsvyk R. Sh., Sherstobitov M. V. Thermik-2 unit for data record and input from thermovision set into computer. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1994. V. 7. No. 05. P. 355-357.
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This paper presents an automated thermovision system with wide capabilities in recording both fast (recording rate up to 25 frames per second) and slow (recording rate down to one frame per 40 minutes) processes with the total number of recorded frames not less than 100. The wide potentialities for recording modes (recording rate, input frame size, frames summation option, etc.) setting and rather developed software are among the advantages of apparatus elaborated. The system is used for IR laser parameters investigation from the reflected or scattered radiation or from screen heating at pulse lasing.