Vol. 12, issue 06, article # 17

pdf Toporkov V. S., Bakirov T. S., Generalov V. M., Safatov A. S. Sampling of biological particles in the upper layers of the atmosphere and in space. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1999. V. 12. No. 06. P. 530-533.
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A design is proposed for a sampling device which decelerates biological particles in the sparing regime (sampling with low particle velocities), separating them from inorganic particles, with subsequent trapping and analysis of the biological component of the aerosol. A biological particle colliding with the wall of a standard sampling device may not only be inactivated, but also valorize. In other words, before trapping the particles, it is necessary to slow them down. The sampler consists of a system of quarter-wave high-frequency resonators, which function as a neutral-particle accelerator. This system is used in the given design to brake biological particles. It is shown that the use of a high-frequency nonuniform variable electric field shows promise for solving problems connected with separating biological particles (bacteria, cells, and viruses).