Vol. 31, issue 07, article # 7

Antokhina O. Yu., Аntokhin P. N., Arshinova V. G., Arshinov M. Yu., Belan B. D., Belan S. B., Belov V. V., Gridnev Yu. V., Davydov D. K., Ivlev G. A., Kozlov A. V., Law K. S., Nedelec Ph., Paris J.-D.., Rasskazchikova T. M., Savkin D. E., Simonenkov D. V., Sklyadneva T. K., Tolmachev G. N., Fofonov A. V. Comparison between the distributions of atmospheric gases measured with remote and contact tools over the Russian Arctic. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2018. V. 31. No. 07. P. 542–550. DOI: 10.15372/AOO20180707 [in Russian].
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The data of airborne and satellite sounding at the ocean–land boundary near the Kara Sea in October, 2014, are compared. In total, 11 profiles synchronously measured over a continental part and 7 profiles over the ocean are used. It turned out that CH4 and CO2 concentrations are typically overestimated in a layer of 0–8 km over a continental part of the Arctic region and underestimated over the ocean. The overestimation by the satellite of the methane concentrations over the continent makes 28 ppb in the boundary layer and sharply increases in the middle (182 ppb) and upper (113 ppb) troposphere. The underestimation over the ocean averages 37 ppb in the boundary layer, 73 and 71 ppb in the middle and upper troposphere. The difference in CO2 concentrations measured with different devices over the continent averages 18.2 ppm in the boundary layer and can change from 3.2 to 26.5 ppm. In the middle troposphere (4 km), the average differences decrease down to 10.8 ppm; the range of differences even slightly increases (0.6–25.5 ppm). In the upper troposphere (8 km), the average difference in measurements with both instruments decreases down to 2.8 ppm. The underestimation of the amplitude is higher over the ocean. The comparison for CO and O3 comparison yielded acceptable results.


Arctic, atmosphere, air, vertical distribution, gases, remote sensing


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