Vol. 2, issue 08, article # 13

pdf Butakov A. L., Voronov V. I., Evtushenko G. S., Zuev V. V., Kirilov A. E., Mal'tsev A. N., Mirza S. Yu., Polunin Yu. P., Sukhanov V. B., Troitskii V. O. Multicolor laser for a lidar for sounding the parameters of the atmosphere. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1989. V. 2. No. 08. P. 723-728.
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Some results of the investigations of multicolor laser based on the use of a nonlinear crystal and dyes pumped by the copper vapor laser radiation are presented in the paper. The laser transmitter described was designed for the use in a huge combined lidar with the mirror of 2 m diameter. The working wavelengths of the laser are 510.6 nm, 578.6 nm, 654.0 nm and 271.2 nm. The emission power at the first three wavelengths is not less than 1 W. The maximum mean power at green and yellow lines exceed 30 W. The red line emission power was about 9 W, while the UV line power is about 0.9 W.


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