Vol. 2, issue 08, article # 18

pdf Maximyuk V. S., Tat'yanin S. V. Analysis of quantitative data on the aerosol attenuation coefficient of the troposphere and stratosphere in a subsatellite experiment. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1989. V. 2. No. 08. P. 744-746.
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Results of spectronephelometric aircraft-laboratory measurements of an aerosol attenuation coefficient μa(λ) in the lower and middle troposphere are presented. The results are compared with some data, coincident in time and space and independently obtained on the basis of satellite optical measurements (SAGE) made abroad by horizon photometry at the sunrise and sunset. The conclusions about satisfactory coincidence of differently measured vertical profiles μa(λ, H) and Angstrom coefficient values, supplementing each other in height, are made. This evidences the technical possibility of modern complex optical investigations of the atmosphere all-depth with the desired degree of spatial resolution, reliability and accuracy.


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